The Amadeus Way of Travel

The AMADEUS river cruise line was founded on passion. The following videos will give you a glimpse into the passion that has shaped our history, philosophy and vision for the future.

Cruise the AMADEUS way

We invite you to explore Europe in true style and comfort, aboard one of our many vessels and itineraries. Let your worries fade away on board. Travel with us through the heart of Europe in relaxing style, while seeing the best of some of the largest rivers in the world.

Cruising across Europe with AMADEUS Queen

This new addition to the AMADEUS fleet travels along Danbue and Rhine as well as the Dutch and Belgian waterways. We will take you to dream destinations along the way!

Cruise with AMADEUS - Tulip Serenade

Enjoy an exceptional 8-day cruise from Amsterdam–Ghent–Amsterdam! Experience Holland in the most beautiful way, by cruising along its extensive waterways, which flow through the country like an intricate net, passing many small, picturesque places offering an abundance of unforgettable excursions.

Cruise with AMADEUS – Classical Rhine

Enjoy an unforgettable 8-day cruise from Amsterdam to Basel or from Basel to Amsterdam! Discover the many beautiful facets of “Father Rhine” during this week-long cruise along one of the most important and attractive rivers of Europe. Along the way you will pass the Dutch Ijsselmeer and take a detour along the winding Moselle river.

Cruise with AMADEUS – Classical Danube

Enjoy an 8-day cruise from Passau to Budapest or from Budapest to Passau! This quintessential cruise along the beautiful Danube connects Passau, the ‘Three Rivers City’ of the Inn, Ilz and Danube with the “Queen of the Danube” – the capital city Budapest. 

Cruise with AMADEUS – Blue Danube

This 8-day cruise from Nuremberg to Budapest or Budapest to Nuremberg includes a trip along the Main-Danube canal, a masterpiece of engineering, and along the Danube river. Pass through four of Europe’s most important countries (Germany, Austria, Hungary and Slovakia), three worldfamous capital cities (Vienna, Budapest and Bratislava).

Cruise with AMADEUS – Across Europe

This extraordinary 15-day cruise spans 2,000 kilometers across Europe, from Amsterdam at the North Sea to Budapest, the “Queen of the Danube”, or from Budapest to Amsterdam. Highlights of the cruise include the passage through the Main-Danube canal and visits to multiple capital cities.

Cruise with AMADEUS – Danube Rhapsody

Enjoy a classic 8-day cruise from Passau to Budapest and back to Passau! Journey along the most beautiful stretches of the Danube into the heart of the once-illustrious Habsburg monarchy. Explore the art and cultural landscape of historic Europe as your vessel travels through four countries.

Cruise with AMADEUS – Three-Rivers Cruise

Enjoy a fascinating 8-day cruise from Amsterdam to Nuremberg or from Nuremberg to Amsterdam. This cruise includes a trip along the Rhine, Main and Danube rivers, which are undoubtedly Europe’s most important and beautiful rivers. 

Cruise with AMADEUS – Paris, Normandy and the River Seine

This 8-day cruise cruise aboard the AMADEUS Diamond, which begins and ends in Paris, combines what is probably the most romantic city in the world with a fascinating journey into the past of the Impressionist masters. Follow the footsteps of van Gogh, Cezanne and Gaugin on this tour along the winding Seine river into Normandy.

Cruise with AMADEUS – Treasures of Burgundy and Provence

Enjoy this uniquely beautiful 8-day cruise along the French rivers Rhone and Saône, starting from Lyon to Chalon-sur-Saône, to Arles and back to Lyon. You will experience picturesque villages, world famous wine regions such as the Cote d’Or, unforgettable stretches of land in the regions of Provence and Burgundy.

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